Screaming 1/4 Mile Kayak Race

brought to you by  Elevation Outdoors Magazine

The Elevations Outdoor Magazine Screaming 1/4 Mile Downriver Kayak Race in Clear Creek Canyon is the most difficult event in the 2018 Golden Games. Kayakers will be launched individually in 1 minute intervals, and timed through the section.

The paddlers must navigate the Screaming 1/4 Mile Section with precise paddling in order to work their way on the podium for this event.

Safety Meeting is at 10:30 am at the Clear Creek Put-In between MM 270-269 (just upstream of Tunnel 1) for the Elevation Outdoors Screaming 1/4 Mile Race. The race will start immediately after, so don’t be late!

Awards to be presented Saturday evening.

MM 269 -270 Clear Creek Canyon